Dear ADMC Retailers:

As we continue to navigate through these challenging times, we are continuing to see traditional pet retailers transition to a more social distancing/contactless pickup approach. Below, we have provided you with some tips on how to develop these sorts of programs if you haven’t already. For those of you who have these programs in place, we’ve tried to offer some additional ideas on how to maximize customer ring without the benefit of the customer walking through your store.

Below, you will find a menu of potential add-on sale ideas that are either seasonally appropriate or tie in with the Shelter at Home lifestyle. We are working with our vendors to support these programs with discount options. In the meantime, please feel free to reach out to your ADMC sales representative for additional support. We’re here to help!

Our marketing team is also available as well to help in designing custom sell sheets or maybe even posters for your consumers to view from the curb!

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!


Home Delivery


  • Convert hourly staff into telemarketers (calling customers to see if anything can be delivered)

  • Convert hourly staff to home delivery personnel (take advantage of low prices on fuel or utilize programs like Uber for delivery)

  • Take the opportunity to do some suggestive selling during telemarketing calls (seasonal up-sells like flea and tick or yard clean-up products)

  • Provide packaged treat samples with delivery (please consider safety options)

  • Include discount off next purchase (coupons) (suggest a 30-day expiration on all coupons)

  • Promote program through Social Media

Curbside Pickup


  • Consider Menu Boards outside of store (create additional posters for store windows promoting add- on sales during pickup)

  • Seasonal Up-sells (consider creating kits to use during shelter at home period and sell as a package)

  • Grooming, toys, flea and tick, calming, etc. (include gift bags with each order)

  • Promote program through Social Media (create a one-page promotion sheet to highlight possible add-on sales and encourage repeat visits)

  • Work with other retailers in area to cross promote (include local restaurant coupon with pick up order, while having the restaurants promote pet coupons with their pick-up orders)

It goes without saying that safety measures related to social distancing, contact-less delivery and product sterilization would need to be considered for either program above.

Use information received to build customer profile.


Suggested Promo Items for Curbside or Delivery


  • Flea and Tick Products

  • Supplements

    • Calming – Don’t let Fido interrupt conference calls

    • Grass Saver – Fix the pee spots now that the snow has melted

  • Toys – Your four-legged friend needs the exercise too!

  • Grooming – Being cooped up may have made you realize Fido might not smell all thatgreat

  • Bird Seed and Bird Feeders – Great hobby for Shelter at Home time Consider hummingbird feeders and nectar too – Spring is coming .

  • Training Treats – May as well treat the old dog to some new tricks

  • Long Lasting Chews – to keep dogs busy – bully sticks, raw bones, Nylabones etc.

  • Supplies for Backyard – chicken hobbyists, feeders, waterers and chicken treats (mealworms – flock blocks)